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We at EBTRON take great pride in being a dependable partner for our representatives and customers worldwide. As a leading provider of solutions to enhance building performance, we advertise in multiple trade publications and actively engage with associations that conduct research and establish codes and standards. This active involvement helps us stay current with the industry’s requirements and concentrate on designing innovative, efficient, and energy-optimized solutions. Here are some recent examples of our advertisements.

Optimizing Ventilation in School Corridors

Ensure Student’s Health, Dilute Indoor Contaminants in School Corridors.

ASHRAE 62.1 now requires corridor ventilation due to high occupancy, transfer of contaminants, and off gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from lockers.

EBTRON provides solutions to accurately measure, monitor, validate, and control ventilation and ensure clean air delivery rates. Integrated with Bluetooth® technology, real-time airflow and psychometric measurement data are easily accessed through the EB-Link App. Data is communicated to the BAS via BACnet or Modbus for continuous commissioning and trending.

Efficiency, Performance, and Reliability

Precision airflow, temperature, and humidity measurements

EBTRON offers a variety of solutions to measure and control air-side performance, from air handling equipment and duct-mounted products to server-focused aisle containment solutions such as the bleed airflow and SERVAIRE products that provide bi-directional airflow and temperature measurement. Various connectivity options are available to provide integration for monitoring and control.
EBTRON airflow measuring devices are installed in data centers worldwide, providing accurate and repeatable measurements for efficient and reliable operations.

Validate Your Energy Model with Operational Data

HVAC systems can be fine-tuned and validated in real-time.

EBTRON offers up to 16 sensor nodes that provide more accurate velocity and temperature measurements, allowing superior airside system control. The optional humidity sensing provides control based on relative humidity, dew point, or enthalpy. To enhance operational management, use one of the optional plug-in communication cards to transmit all this data to your BAS or Cloud monitoring system.

EBTRON technology in converging airstreams or across energy-exchanging components provides energy performance insight and acts as an airside energy meter.

Achieving Better Airflow is Possible, and We have the Evidence to Prove It.

Based on the data collected from a 10-year-old hospital’s operating room, everything seemed to be functioning as expected. However, a different story emerged after installing an EBTRON airflow measuring station.

Several existing VAV flow cross sensors were measuring significantly lower than actual flows, as indicated by the newly installed EBTRON airflow measurement stations. With the help of this new information, the building engineer could reduce the static set-point on the air handling unit and slow down the supply and return VFDs. This allowed for better airflow tracking and pressurization, resulting in improved validation of air changes and energy savings in the critical space.

We understand the importance of accurate airflow measurement and have a reputation for delivering reliable results.

Mastering Airflow for Peak Performance

Monitoring and maintaining the ideal airflow, temperature, and humidity levels in data centers is critical to ensure equipment reliability, prevent premature equipment failure, and maximize energy efficiency. EBTRON provides reliable solutions for data centers globally, ensuring efficient and reliable operations and optimizing energy usage.

  • Accurate airflow through the racks.
  • Maintain ideal temperature and humidity levels; detect and view changes.
  • Optimize cooling system efficiency and fan speeds.
  • Identify bypass and hot spots due to recirculation.
  • Preserve proper pressurization flow rates at the underfloor diffusers.

Achieve Required Airflow Rates

ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, provides guidelines for airflow rates to dilute and clean indoor air. It requires a building readiness plan to transition HVAC systems from normal mode to infection risk management mode (IRMM). Installing EBTRON’s advanced thermal airflow measurement station provides unparalleled reliability and precision in validating clean air rates (EOAi) while ensuring robust and repeatable switching modes and operation. Don’t compromise on the quality of your air measurements – choose EBTRON.

  • Easily transition from normal mode to IRMM and maintain rates during all operating states.
  • Measure and control outdoor air ventilation rates to verify dilution rates, promoting a healthier environment.
  • Avoid over-ventilation and ensure energy is not wasted.
  • Validate equivalent clean airflow rates (VECAi) delivered.
  • Track and control airflow rate differ

Infection Prevention & Control

ASHRAE Standard 170 outlines patient care spaces’ necessary ventilation and pressurization flow requirements. The standard aims to ensure environmental control for comfort, asepsis, and odor control in healthcare facilities. Accurately measuring and controlling airflow, temperature, humidity, and pressure is crucial to prevent the spread of airborne pathogens and control odors. EBTRON thermal dispersion airflow measurement technology is a highly effective solution that can significantly:

  • Measure and control airflow to ensure negative pressure flow for critical areas.
  • Protect occupants from disease transmission with accurate, reliable dilution ventilation.
  • Improve ventilation design strategies and sufficient air exchange.
  • Optimize and monitor airflow rates for energy efficiency.

You can’t manage what you don’t control.

Meeting Standard 170 Designs Requirements

ASHRAE Standard 170 defines the necessary design requirements for patient care spaces to ensure a comfortable, sterile, and odor-free environment. Surgeons or surgical procedures may require room temperatures, ventilation rates, humidity ranges, and/or air distribution methods that exceed the minimum indicated ranges. Meeting these ventilation design requirements and adjusting is only possible by measuring airflow, temperature, and humidity accurately to ensure a healthy environment. EBTRON thermal dispersion airflow measurement technology is the only bead-in-glass thermistor offering:

  • Airflow measurement for enhance control, ensuring negative pressure flow for critical areas
  • Reliable dilution ventilation protects occupants from disease transmission
  • Ventilation design strategies providing sufficient air exchange
  • Monitoring and optimizing airflow rates for energy efficiency

Validate Clean Air Delivery Rates

ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, offers a fresh perspective on improving air quality in buildings by providing recommended equivalent clean airflow rates. Meet the required readiness plan with EBTRON airflow measurement devices, allowing you to:

  • Easily transition from normal mode to IRMM and maintain rates during all operating states.
  • Measure and control outdoor air ventilation rates to verify dilution rates and ensure energy is not wasted.
  • Validate equivalent clean airflow rates (VECAi) delivered.
  • Track and control airflow rate differentials of supply, return, and exhaust to ensure building and zone pressurization

Validate Your Energy Model with Operational Data

With a commitment to precision and efficiency, EBTRON makes it possible to validate and fine-tune your HVAC system in real-time. With cutting-edge technology, you can control, monitor, analyze, and optimize ventilation with unmatched accuracy. The Advantage Gold Series provides an airflow measurement rate of 0 to 5000 fpm and NIST traceable calibration with up to 16 independent sensing nodes per duct location, providing a true velocity profile. Microprocessor-based transmitters with analog and field configured outputs of 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, or 4-20mA for flow and temperature or alarm are standard. Low flow alarms can be field set and enabled.

An optional humidity sensor acquires the airstream’s relative humidity, enthalpy, or dew point. The network cards offer flexibility by providing separate data channels for control, trending, notification, and fault detection. They can transmit more data than a single analog output, enabling local control and remote analysis.

EBTRON delivers enhanced data-driven solutions for peak performance and energy efficiency.

Make Buildings Healthy

The release of ASHRAE Standard 241, Control of Infectious Aerosols, is a new approach to providing airflow rates that will dilute and clean the air in buildings. It requires a building readiness plan that can be acted upon to take HVAC systems in the building from normal mode to infection risk management mode (IRMM). An EBTRON air measurement device allows you to easily switch from normal to IRMM modes, maintain rates during all operating states, and validate clean air rates (VECAi).

  • Measure and control outdoor air ventilation rates in normal or IRMM mode to verify dilution rates and ensure energy is not wasted.
  • Measure airflow through In-duct Air Cleaning Systems to validate clean airflow rates.
  • Measure the supply airflow to determine VECAi delivered.
  • Track and control airflow rate differentials (pressurization flow) of supply, return, and exhaust to ensure that buildings and spaces remain properly pressurized for health with no energy-wasting infiltration.

Better Measurement, Better Control, Better IAQ

Improve Your System, Save Energy, and Ensure Occupant Comfort.

EBTRON’s state-of-the-art airflow measurement technology for ducts and plenums offers accurate, repeatable, and long-term stability for years of reliable building operation. An onboard barometric pressure sensor, a velocity-weighted temperature sensor, and an optional ruggedized relative humidity (RH) sensor enable accurate relative humidity, enthalpy, and dew point calculations. This solution is ideal for supply, return, and outdoor air intake applications on systems with an airside economizer. The EB-Link App with a smartphone and Bluetooth® connectivity provides measurement data and easy commissioning with the touch of your finger.

Get Control of Your DOAS

A Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS) is designed to provide zone-level ventilation and save energy, but achieving those goals requires effective control. A DOAS with a high-density thermal dispersion airflow measurement and an integrated RH sensor validates the ventilation system design, optimizes energy, and maintains dew point and enthalpy values.

With the EBTRON Gold Series, you can achieve a positive outside air correction factor (OACF), reducing the exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR), which results in less contamination of ventilation air. In addition, determine the enthalpy recovery ratio, maintain airflow for desired building pressure, and control discharge air dew point.

EBTRON is a measurable difference


You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure!

OCCUPANTS – Maintain contaminants below threshold levels for health, productivity, and comfort

COMPLIANCE – Validate the outdoor air ventilation provided at initial occupancy and throughout the operation

ENERGY – Avoid over-ventilation, improve DCV operation and performance of energy transfer systems

CONTROL – Ensure proper air dilution and building pressurization during daily dynamic changes

MONITOR – improved operations and management for tuned control, FDD, and maintenance needs

Control Your IAQ

Measure and Validate Airflows
Many buildings must improve code-required ventilation due to operational changes and/or a lack of proper HVAC maintenance. CO2 is often wrongly regarded as a direct measure of indoor air quality and code ventilation. The solution is EBTRON’s thermal dispersion technology built around high-performance bead-in glass thermistors that are oven-aged and individually calibrated in temperature and airspeed to NIST traceable standards to provide long-term, drift-free, accurate performance.

  • Measure supply, return, and exhaust airflow rates to control the pressurization flow dynamically to maintain the building or zone-level pressurization.
  • Zone level measurement to determine ACH and adjust with variable occupancy.
  • Outdoor airflow measurement verifies ventilation rates and integrates with the DCV for better control and limit under/over ventilation.
  • Notification of problems with built-in Hi/Lo airflow alarm output or BAS integration monitoring.
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