Satisfy ASHRAE standards
Comply with building codes
Limit your IAQ liability


The International Mechanical Code (IMC) ventilation rates, which most states adopt, is based on the Ventilation Rate Procedure from ASHRAE 62.1. California Mechanical Code (CMC) also uses sections of ASHRAE 62.1. The ventilation healthcare requirements adopted by state health departments and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are focused similarly on ASHRAE Standard 170, which governs pressure flow directions and air change rates for different room types in hospitals and clinics.

The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and ASHRAE 90.1 provide instruction on demand control ventilation for high-occupancy areas. The California Energy Commission (CEC) has required ventilation rates and DCV for many systems. ASHRAE 189.1 is the standard for high performance green buildings and references ASHRAE 62.1 along with outdoor air monitoring for VAV systems.

EBTRON®’s air flow measurement stations can provide monitoring and verification that the code ventilation requirements are attained. Demand control ventilation (DCV) is required by the energy code in certain applications.


IAQ liability has become a major consideration for design and operation of buildings. As building have tighter construction and attempt to reduce energy usage a balance is required to provide quantities of conditioned ventilation air to improve indoor air quality. A large U.S. insurer of liability insurance programs for architects, engineers, and environmental consultants’ estimates that 49% of claims in court and 60% of the claims dollars for MEP engineers is related to the HVAC system; often these claims are a result of poor IAQ.

Methods of reducing risk exposure target how a building is set up and operated. Control uncertainties for intake airflow can range in relative terms from 5 to 25% for direct methods, and from 20 to 150% for indirect methods. EBTRON® provides the best solution for direct measurement and has third party verification for the individual sensors, complete assembly, and for use internationally.

Velocity and Temperature Sensors

EBTRON®’s manufacturing process requires all sensors to be independently calibrated prior to shipment using calibration reference standards set by the U.S. national standard at NIST.

The quality of this standard has proven to provide the lowest statistical uncertainty of any other method available within the required operating velocities ranging from 10 fpm to 2000 fpm.

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, LDA: reference source for calibration standard used by EBTRON® for 100% of products made.

Listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories in USA and Canada, per standards UL873 or its replacement UL 60730-1; UL 60730-2-9, also subscribed to UL Follow-up Services with random QA audits.

GTx116, GTx108 and HTx104 models

EBTRON® air velocity and temperature devices are tested and LISTED by UL as a complete assembly.

The greater benefit to the user is EBTRON®’s subscription for Follow-up Services that includes random audits of EBTRON® manufacturing facilities and quality control processes to ensure ongoing compliance with UL standards.

GTx108-yz; GTx116-y and HTx104-y

Although more than one method is allowed to certify compliance, EBTRON® chooses to physically test its products with an independent testing lab to ensure compliance with the requirements of EMC Directives.

EBTRON® is a leader for the U.S. manufacturing of AFMS products to qualify for the CE mark.

Certified by EBTRON® to comply with applicable European Commission Directives on EMC and Electrical characteristics, based on third-party laboratory testing.

Listed by BACnet Testing laboratories for global Building Automation System (BAS) Standard as approved products.

Gold and Hybrid with BACnet capability

BACnet Testing Laboratories was created by BACnet International to award BTL listings for qualified devices. EBTRON® Gold and Hybrid series air flow measurement devices work with BACnet protocol along with other typical BAS protocols.

EBTRON® is a gold level sponsor of BACnet International.

EBTRON®’s air flow measurement stations can provide monitoring and verification that the code ventilation requirements are attained. Demand control ventilation (DCV) is required by the energy code in certain applications.

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