The Imperative of Proper School Ventilation

Universities have various spaces requiring different temperature, humidity, and ventilation control approaches. Additional challenges include varying technologies and various HVAC systems for the facilities personnel to maintain. EBTRON airflow monitoring stations can help with increased ventilation and lower energy costs by providing solutions that modulate outside air quantities to not over or under-ventilate spaces while maintaining pressurization control.


Lecture Halls






Administrative Offices


University classrooms, unlike their K-12 counterparts, generally have variable student populations throughout the day and evening. There are significant opportunities to utilize EBTRON’s expertise in demand control ventilation (DCV) to provide considerable energy savings while ensuring acceptable IAQ. In some cases, outdoor air delivery can be reduced by as much as 80% over that required using the design population. Application of EBTRON airflow measurement and control strategies can reduce energy usage from excessive outdoor air delivery at or near design population and guarantee the space is not under ventilated and reduce the periods of time where a system does not provide adequate ventilation to meet code.


Lecture halls are primarily just larger classrooms. Similar methods can be used to maximize the efficiency of ventilation control in these variable and intermittently occupied spaces, having significantly larger populations and air volumes. Because of these differences, additional consideration may include a pre-occupancy purge or advanced start timing, when occupancy is regularly scheduled. With limited entry and exits, these spaces may be an ideal use of EBTRON CENSus occupancy counters at all access and exit points.


Laboratories are huge energy consumers because of the large amount of outdoor air that is required to makeup laboratory exhaust air. Both teaching space and research facilities may be included in many of the larger institutions, and systems need to be as sophisticated as necessary to handle the conditions. Proper pressurization is required for contaminant and is important for the health and well-being of both students and staff. Airflow measurement is paramount for proper pressurization control and requires that exhaust and makeup airflow rates are maintained in proper balance. EBTRON’s airflow measurement technology is ideal for today’s university laboratory facilities based on performance and first cost of the equipment.a


Arenas and stadiums pose a significant dilemma for facility managers since the outdoor air demand can be extremely large or minimal. If the outdoor airflow is reduced below that required for the local exhausts (toilet and food service) it will enter the facility via doors and other openings. EBTRON can provide ventilation solutions and strategies that manage outdoor air requirements based on exhaust air and spectator load, to provide energy efficient operation.


Libraries have large volumes of space that often have low population densities. As a result, traditional techniques to maintain outdoor airflow rates often provide too much outdoor air (based on design population) or do not provide adequate ventilation (i.e. lag on CO2 DCV). EBTRON improves outdoor air delivery and control by tying outdoor air requirements to actual student activity. This is accomplished by using direct and/or indirect occupancy counting techniques to determine the required outdoor airflow that should be provided. EBTRON’s airflow measurement technology is ideal for today’s university libraries and could be further enhanced with implementation of EBTRON CENSus occupancy counters.


Dormitories are often overlooked on many campuses. Minimum outdoor airflow rates must be maintained to ensure student health, maximize the environment’s positive student learning impact and to limit university liability. EBTRON manufactures airflow measurement solutions that are ideal for monitoring outdoor air delivery in smaller duct sizes to dormitory spaces.

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