Achieving Accurate Airflow Control

Indoor air quality and energy efficiency in commercial buildings can be improved through proper airflow measurement and control, which ensures adequate air dilution and building pressurization during dynamic changes.

Ensure proper air dilution

Guarantee building pressurization

Maintain appropriate ventilation

Ensure Optimal IAQ

Maintaining proper ventilation levels for the actual population and building area is crucial. DCV systems can adjust ventilation rates based on occupancy levels by measuring and controlling airflow. By integrating airflow measurement devices with occupancy counters, CO2 sensors, and other means of determining current occupancy levels, the system will modulate the ventilation rates more proportionally to occupancy, prevent under or over-ventilation, and ensure optimal indoor air quality. Additionally, this integration of measurement devices validates ventilation rates, giving building occupants peace of mind that their indoor environment is properly maintained and controlled.

Energy Optimization

Efficient energy use is a critical aspect of HVAC systems, and economizers provide an effective solution by utilizing outdoor air for free cooling. However, the typical economizer controls are often inaccurate due to poorly placed and inferior sensors. EBTRON’s thermal dispersion airflow measuring solutions offer precise temperature and airflow measurement, allowing for better control decisions. An optional humidity sensor provides more accurate decisions based on enthalpy or dew point. EBTRON’s use of thermistors at various points in the airstream provides velocity-weighted measurements, resulting in more precise control decisions that comply with codes and standards.

Airflow measurement devices provide continuous monitoring of airflow rates, enabling performance analysis. By analyzing airflow data, you can identify and control ventilation, diagnose maintenance needs, facilitate fault detection and diagnostics (FDD), and make informed ongoing commissioning decisions (OCx). EBTRON airflow measurement devices are crucial in accurately controlling your HVAC systems. These devices can enable changes and fulfill even the most challenging ventilation and pressurization demands, thus ensuring a healthier and more efficient indoor atmosphere.

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