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Our goal is to revolutionize indoor air quality and energy management through innovative airflow measurement technology

EBTRON’s management philosophy is firmly committed to excellence in designing, manufacturing, and supporting airflow measurement technology. Notably, EBTRON was the first to develop thermal dispersion airflow measurement solutions, earning a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected and trusted manufacturers. With a dedicated team of employees, EBTRON is well-equipped to maintain its position as the best in the industry. Furthermore, the company benefits from a global team of solid support factory-trained representatives worldwide.

EBTRON, A Measurable Difference


EBTRON was established in 1983 in a small barn in rural New Jersey. A pioneer in the field of thermal dispersion airflow measurement devices for HVAC applications, the company has come a long way since then. In fact, it has moved several times before settling in its current location outside the popular vacation spot of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 1993. The company’s management and engineering design team have been with EBTRON since its inception, which is a testament to its stability and expertise. Moreover, EBTRON has an unwavering commitment to new product development and has been at the forefront of airflow measurement technology innovation for over four decades. You can learn about EBTRON’s contributions to indoor air quality by exploring our history and achievements.

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what we do

Globally, EBTRON provides industry-leading solutions for airflow measurement that offer accurate, repeatable, and long-term stability for years of reliable operation in the built environment. EBTRON introduced the first thermal dispersion airflow measuring device for HVAC applications and pioneered outdoor airflow measurement for ventilation, control, and monitoring. 

EBTRON products are U.S.-designed, engineered, manufactured, tested, and NIST traceable. They are independently verified to comply with safety and regulatory requirements. EBTRON utilizes a highly advanced bead-in-glass thermistor that undergoes aging in an oven for four weeks. The thermistor aging process ensures long-term stability. Afterward, each thermistor undergoes individual calibration in temperature-controlled circulating baths to ensure long-term, drift-free performance. The thermistors are potted in a saltwater and acid-resistant assembly backed by independent laboratory testing. Every sensor node undergoes testing at various airflow rates in tunnels calibrated to NIST traceable airflow standards. 

Various duct, plenum, and fan inlet measurement models are available, comprising one to sixteen sensor nodes. A microprocessor-based transmitter processes each sensor node independently to provide accurate average airflow output. The sensor nodes also calculate ambient temperature, resulting in an accurate, velocity-weighted temperature.

An optional humidity sensor provides dewpoint, velocity-weighted humidity, and velocity-weighted enthalpy measurements. Linear analog output signals are standard, and network connectivity is available through BACnetModbus (RS-485 and Ethernet), and LON


Data trends are available without a network connection using the USB datalogger configuration and the EB-Link App. The EB-Link is a powerful tool for balancers, commissioners, and energy managers to connect easily to an EBTRON airflow measuring device and access real-time information. With the USB data logger installed, one can analyze data trends without a network connection. 

It’s important to note that improper airflow rates can negatively affect occupant health, well-being, and thermal comfort. Therefore, when you consider the benefits of incorporating EBTRON into your next high-performance building, such as decreased engineer and owner risk, as well as improved occupant comfort and health, the cost of airflow measurement (typically $0.10 to $0.20 per sq. ft. of floor area) is negligible. EBTRON has led the industry for over 40 years with the help of its intelligent representative network and internal technical support team.

In conclusion, choose EBTRON for a measurable difference!


All EBTRON sensors are individually serialized and calibrated with NIST traceability for airflows (±2% of reading) and temperature (±0.08°C).


EBTRON’s Thermal Dispersion sensors provide a Percent of Reading accuracy and not a Percent of Full-Scale accuracy.


Deployed in countless projects worldwide, EBTRON remains the basis of choice in airflow measurement equipment for peace of mind.


All sensors are NIST traceable factory calibrated. No site and periodic calibration are required. No maintenance is required. Plug and play, continuous trouble-free performance.

Designed, Assembled, and Engineered in the U.S.A

EBTRON keeps assembly operations in the U.S.A. to provide jobs for American workers, harness our innovation and productivity, and deliver reliable and quality products domestically. EBTRON, a leader in thermal dispersion airflow measurement technology, was designed from the ground up to provide the best products and technical services for the built environment.


AHU Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
Air Change Performance Monitoring
CO2/Airflow Population Estimation
DCV Outdoor Airflow Limit Control
Differential Airflow Tracking

DOAS Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
ERV/HRV Airflow Tracking
Fault Detection Monitoring
Room & Building Pressurization
Low Airflow VAV Terminal Measurement

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