Gathering Places

Balancing IQA and Energy Efficiencies

Maintaining indoor air quality while saving energy in high-traffic areas with a diverse population can be challenging. HVAC systems are designed to cater to the maximum expected number of occupants, which leads to energy wastage when the actual number of occupants is lower. However, EBTRON offers various control strategies that help to ensure optimal temperature and humidity control while minimizing energy consumption.

Reduce energy

Improve thermal comfort

Provide acceptable IAQ


Convention areas often have numerous suites, smaller meeting rooms, and offices, which may require multiple types of distribution systems and equipment. A typical method to address temperature control and energy efficiency is to use VAV central systems for office blocks and meeting rooms. Ventilation can be supplied independently from the AHU or integrated like any standard office building. To optimize energy usage, EBTRON recommends using occupancy counters or CO2 combined with intake flow measurement to meter the volumes being conditioned to match the number of people present in the building. By understanding the mix of space types and occupancy patterns, designers can apply the most effective method for thermal control and energy efficiency. EBTRON can provide guidance on the most effective ways to achieve this


Places of worship, religious study and similar structures of all sizes are occupied on a variable and intermittent basis. Their usage patterns may be more akin to a High School Gymnasium, where different sizes of groups can meet in a space that contains a very large air volume. Similar DCV methods of control can be used with optimization using the EBTRON CENSus occupancy counter. Combining CO2 and EBTRON measurement devices that provide airflow control to spaces and maintaining the required pressurization flow direction, while adjusting ventilation rates for changing populations. Locations that currently use DCV with CO2 can have improved ventilation rates and energy savings when EBTRON air flow measuring stations are incorporated into the control strategy.


Passenger terminals in airports provide a unique design challenge because of numerous interconnecting zones and multiple air sources. Numerous openings to the outdoors also inhibit the pressurization of the building. Pressurization flow control is the best way to reliably maintain space pressurization flow and ensure that ventilation is sufficient for a large and variable population. EBTRON measurement devices can provide airflow control to transit spaces and maintain the required pressurization flow direction for traveler comfort while minimizing exposure to aircraft exhaust fumes.


One of the highest levels of HVAC precision performance and reliability is required in museums. Temperature and humidity control appear to be more desirable in some museum operations than achieving occupant comfort. However, system operating parameters should be cognizant of the comfort criteria of visitors who effectively fund the existence of the museum; however, the care and preservation of the artifacts they contain usually take precedence. EBTRON measurement precision helps to reliably achieve these goals simultaneously at while minimizing energy costs.

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