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Join our team of industry experts to learn about the latest airflow measurement technology and IAQ strategies. Our innovative events and webinars allow you to stay competitive in various industries, such as healthcare, education, data centers, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, event centers, restaurants, and hotels. You can attend these sessions in person or online and gain first-hand experience utilizing world-leading airflow measurement systems.

Seminars & Events
Available through EBTRON's Local Representative Only

Join us for a comprehensive two-hour airflow measurement for monitoring and control seminar. The session will cover Code and Standard Compliance, Control Strategies, Saving Energy, and Facilitating IRMM Switchover and provide an overview of the EBTRON measurement solutions.

EBTRON Rep Invitation Only

MLS Soccer Games

  • Leagues Cup – Cruz Azul at Charlotte FC – July 31 (EBTRON & Badger Meter)
  • New York vs Charlotte – August 24
  • Atlanta vs Charlotte – August 31
  • New England vs Charlotte – September 21
  • Chicago vs Charlotte – October 2
  • Montreal vs Charlotte – October 5

Carolina Panthers Home Schedule

NY JETS (pre-season)Saturday, August 177:00 PM
Los Angeles ChargersSunday, September 151:00 PM
Cincinnati BengalsSunday, September 291:00 PM
Atlanta FalconsSunday, October 134:25 PM
New Orleans SaintsSunday, November 31:00 PM
Kansas City ChiefsSunday, November 241:00 PM
Tampa Bay BuccaneersSunday, December 14:05 PM
Dallas CowboysSunday, December 151:00 PM
Arizona CardinalsSunday, December 221:00 PM
EBTRON Box Suite - HVAC Seminar & Event
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Bring-A-Guest Seminars

The EBTRON Bring-A-Guest is a comprehensive seminar that focuses on airflow measurement and control for today’s high-performance buildings. The Bring-A-Guest is our Rep’s opportunity to invite Building Owners, Engineers, Commissioning Agents, Contractors, Air Balance Professionals, and Energy Managers to:

  • Discover up-to-date technical information on how to design, retrofit, operate, and maintain today’s high-performance green buildings through the use of airflow measurement and control.
  • Collaborate with fellow building owners, engineers, architects, contractors, test and balance agents, and other HVAC professionals in the industry.
  • Network during the seminar and at the various social events.
  • Build on your professional accreditation by earning up to 7 PDH credits (for qualifying states) and 1.0 AIA/CES LU.

Join us for a comprehensive session focusing on improving Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ensuring compliance through effective ventilation strategies. We will explore various methods for monitoring outdoor air delivery, maintaining building pressure, and meeting ventilation requirements per the ASHRAE 62.1 and IMC guidelines. You will also learn how to better control airflow rates for optimal thermal comfort, implement energy-saving best practices, facilitate transitions during IRMM Switchover, and design systems for pandemic mode operation. We will also showcase measurement solutions to help you achieve these goals efficiently and effectively.

Myrtle Beach, SC

September 12-14
October 24-26

Past Recorded Sessions & WEBINARS

CO2 and IAQ: What’s it all about?
This webinar presentation will discuss the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and air quality and expose the risks and uncertainties of relying on CO2 levels as a single indicator of Indoor Air Quality. It also discusses methods to improve CO2 ventilation control and improve HVAC system performance and energy optimization while optimizing occupant health and well-being. > Listen Now

IAQ Fundamentals and Why Outdoor Airflow Rates Need to be Monitored and Controlled
This session covers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the sources of indoor contaminants, including airborne infectious diseases. It addresses fundamental concepts in contaminant level management and the role of outdoor air ventilation. It also addresses the factors that influence outdoor air intake flow rates that point towards the logical conclusion that continuous monitoring and control of outdoor air intake flow rates is required in all systems. > Listen Now

Why Measure Airflow?
This 30-minute recorded webinar covers why measure airflow for monitoring and control, codes and standards compliance, control strategies, energy savings, IRMM switchover facilitation, and provides an overview of measurement technology solutions. > Listen Now

Using CO2 Sensors For Indoor Air Quality And Energy Savings
CO2 has been used for over 30 years to measure indoor air quality and for energy-saving strategies through demand control ventilation. However, there is a need to better understand its application in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1. This presentation covers recent publications and facts about using CO2 for ventilation. > Listen Now

EBTRON participated in a discussion on “AI, Controls, and the Future of Technology in HVAC.” AI can help HVAC systems operate more efficiently through predictive maintenance. Some people are concerned that AI will replace human jobs, but it’s essential to understand that AI is a tool to support humans with expertise in building management. The human element is still necessary. At the AHR session, experts discussed the role of control technology and AI in HVAC and building management, both currently and in the future. You can listen to the entire session now. > Listen Now

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