A Glimpse of EBTRON Projects

EBTRON products are installed in various markets worldwide. Here are a few building installs with EBTRON’s airflow measurement devices providing airflow, temperature, and relative humidity (dew point or enthalpy) measurements for enhanced control, promoting a healthier indoor environment.

A Community College in Florida Continues to Make an Impact on Occupant Health

A community college in Florida maintains an unparalleled quality of education by taking the health of its students and staff very seriously. To ensure everyone’s potential and talent are developed, the College places the relationship between comfort and productivity at the core of its priorities. Installing thermal dispersion airflow measuring stations within every campus at the College makes it possible to accurately measure outdoor air ventilation in real-time, even from a smartphone. The installation successfully achieved the desired Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) goal and energy savings. Users can easily access real-time data from every airflow measuring station via the BACnet integrated Building Management System or the EBLink App on their smartphone. Download: Improved Air Quality for a Healthier Environment


Sinai Hospital

University of Chicago Regenstein Library

EAU Claire Law Enforcement

Johns Hopkins University

JFK Airport


3M Communication


PNC Bank

data center

Mayo Enterprise Data Center

Georgia tech

Georgia Tech AMC Renovation

federal building

Edmonton Federal Building

Carnegie Park Hyatt

Carnegie Park Hyatt

US District Court

US District Courts

Canadian western bank

Canadian Western Bank

VA Healthcare

Cape Coral VA Medical Center

NWC Laboratory

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

Installing EBTRON’s advanced thermal airflow measurement station provides unparalleled reliability and precision in validating clean air rates (EOAi) while ensuring robust and repeatable switching modes and operation. Don’t compromise on the quality of your air measurements – choose EBTRON. Contact your local Rep today to discover how you can achieve a healthy and efficient indoor environment.

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