Airflow Measurement Delivering Accurate, Repeatable, and Long-Term Stability Performance.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure

Having permanently installed airflow measurements in HVAC systems can offer several advantages. Learn more about EBTRON’s measurement solutions and how they improve the built environment operations by providing accurate and reliable ventilation, improved occupant comfort and health, compliance, energy efficiency, control, and monitoring capabilities.

Occupant Comfort for Enhance Building Performance


Increase occupant productivity, health and well-being by improving the indoor environment.

Compliance to Ensure Building Performance to Codes and Standards


Satisfy ASHRAE standards and comply with local and national building code requirements.

Energy Efficient and Overall Building Performance


Avoid over-ventilation and improve DCV operation and performance of energy transfer systems.

Enhance Control to ensure proper ventilation!.


Ensure proper air dilution and building pressurization during daily dynamic changes.

Monitor to enable improvement of operations


Improve the operations and management for tuned control, FDD, and maintenance needs.

The Importance of Controlled Ventilation in Schools

The Importance of Controlled Ventilation in Schools

Outdoor Air Ventilation in schools promotes health and well-being. Each individual requires a set amount of ventilation. The means to achieve ventilation is typically through mechanical HVAC systems. State, provincial, and municipal codes determine the minimum amount of ventilation required for schools.

Solutions to Improve Building Performance

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Corporate Memberships

As a leading partner in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry, EBTRON employees are committed to their work. Our company is involved in associations that sponsor research, codes and standards. Through this involvement, EBTRON is the source of current built environment information.

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