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Data at the Touch of Your Finger

Free EB-Link App! The EB-Link App allows you to view airflow measurement data – temperature, humidity, enthalpy, dewpoint (humidity values available on select models), and other parameters with all EBTRON Gold Series products. Real-time traverse data can be stored on the phone and emailed as a text file. It’s a tool that can enhance TABB and commissioning agents to provide a quick validation anytime without going through the BAS.
Data at the Touch of Your Finger.

Data at the Touch of Your Finger!

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When EBTRON is installed, Everyone Benefits.

Engineers/Commissioning Agents

  • Verifies the airflow measurement station (AFMS) is configured correctly by recording all settings.
  • The diagnostic output provides a complete record of the AFMS setup, flow rate, etc., to validate that the area matches the design duct area – the altitude of the job site is correct (since elevation impacts density and actual flow rate).
  • Records any adjustments (Gain/Offset, etc.) to AFMS for future reference.
  • Independently validate flow rates, temperature, humidity, enthalpy, and dewpoint settings on a job site.
  • A “punch list” tool allowing functional performance testing before the entire BAS system is operational. The EB-Link can give insight into the system’s operation without needing a fully functioning BAS.

Testing, Adjusting & Balancing Professionals

  • Traverse reports use data from the AFMS.
  • Live measurements as a performance baseline before using any instruments.
  • Verify that products are appropriately set up and that no trouble codes exist before operation (if incorrectly set up, the flow rate will be wrong).
  • Modify default integration on the EB-link of 100 (30 sec) [transmitter default is 0.3 sec] to a longer averaging period. For example, 400 is 2 min allowing a longer running average in areas where the air changes quickly, such as outdoor air intakes.
  • Use temperature traverse to validate air temperature at multiple locations, ensuring no temperature stratification or variance.

Facility Managers

  • Monitor HVAC system performance (i.e., delivery of the right amount of air).
  • Validate flow and temperature with traverse data.
  • Traverse data lets you manually record overtime to determine system degradation and/or maintenance.
  • Node measurements and comparisons help illustrate system performance.
    For example, viewing only the average would not allow you to know there is a problem. As a result of the reduced measured average, a fan might speed up, or dampers may open when they shouldn’t.
  • Easily walk through a building and verify AFMS performance using the analog output 2 for flow alarm or trouble indication (transmitter will detect a problem).
  • Record the settings of the AFMS and determine if anything changed after commissioning.
  • AFMS data access if the duct is inaccessible or out of reach.
  • Record all equipment serial numbers.
  • View factory-calibrated flow measurements by changing the values on the live screen to the factory measurements without disrupting the system (view-only, no written access).

EB-Link Data Access on EBTRON Gold Series

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