EBTRON's Legacy of Innovation and Precision Unveiled

EBTRON is a multinational corporation based in Loris, South Carolina. The Company was the first to introduce thermal dispersion airflow measurement solutions for ventilation, control, and monitoring in 1983. All EBTRON products are designed, engineered, manufactured, and tested in the United States and are NIST traceable and independently verified to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements.

EBTRON is an acronym of three words for “Energy,” “Balancing,” and “elecTRONics”.

Our Story

1983Foundation of EBTRON; production operation based in a barn near Peapack, NJ, and developed and manufactured the first concept thermistor‐based Airflow Measurement Device.

1984 –To expand our operations, we relocated to Somerset, NJ, and established a larger production facility. Additionally, we successfully introduced our innovative airflow measurement device, TAM 1000, during the same year. 

1985 – “DIGITRON,” the first microprocessor flow meter capable of measuring airflow and temperature. 

1986 – Backplane introduction, the next microprocessor flow meter. 

1988 – SB-2650, a new and improved flow meter with an LCD digital transmitter box. 

1989 – EBTRON accomplished a significant milestone by successfully testing outdoor airflow measurement. 

1989 – OA Delivery system introduction as a dependable and precise way to measure outdoor airflow. 

1992 – Eliminator 3000, a compact insertion probe designed for airflow measurement and control. 

1994 – EBTRON relocates to Loris, South Carolina, and underwent expansion. 

1995 – The release of the IAQ Enforcer System to improve indoor air quality through various duct installations. 

1997 – Groundbreaking innovation introduction of adjustable fan inlet sensors for throat mounting. 

1998 – New bleed airflow and standalone X-head sensors.  

2001 – The Gold and Silver Series airflow measuring devices were added to the Advantage Product Line. 

2002 – The first Bring-A-Guest (BAG) event features a seminar on airflow measurement and control for modern high-performance buildings.  

2002 – EBTRON introduced the Gold Series RS-485, Ethernet, and Lon network transmitters. 

2003 – EBTRON finished constructing a new training facility. 

2004 – Introduction of the EB-Link App! The EB-Link App allows you to view airflow measurement data – temperature, humidity, enthalpy, dewpoint (humidity values available on select models), and other parameters with all EBTRON Gold Series products. Real-time and traverse data can be stored on the phone and emailed as a text file. It’s a tool that can enhance TAB and commissioning or provide a quick validation anytime without going through the BAS—data at the Touch of Your Finger. 

2005 – New Silver Series RS-485 network transmitter. 

2005 – Bring a Guest (BAG) event was held in Myrtle Beach. The event spanned three full days and included various activities such as seminars, golf, dinners, and afternoon cookouts. 

2005 – EBTRON completes the construction of a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. 

2009 – Launch of an economical measurement solution, the ELF series, for round ducts between 4 and 16 inches in diameter. 

2009HTN104 a new industrial-grade integrated airflow/temperature transmitter, which features an RS-485 network interface with selectable BACnet® MS/TP Master, Modbus RTU, or JCI N2-Bus® protocols for communication with virtually all modern building automation systems (BAS).   

2009 – EBTRON releases the HTx104-PE, the most economical solution for larger systems when “out-of-the-box” installed accuracy is not required and field adjustment is acceptable. Perfect for LEED outdoor air delivery monitoring or other low-sensor density airflow measurement applications.  

2009 – Introduction of the first sensor that combines CO2, RH, and temperature measurements into one product! 

2009 – Construction completed on the new building specifically for calibration and testing purposes. 

2010 – The launch of a new face-mount inlet sensor designed explicitly for plenum fans. 

2011 – The release of the TAMCO/EBTRON AIR-IQ package that combines EBTRON’s Gold Series GTx116e-P high-performance airflow measurement technology with TAMCO dampers, providing unprecedented flexibility in airflow control.  

2012 – EBTRON EB-Link IR Reader, which features a touchscreen display allowing easy and fast collection of flow and temperature data. The device can store up to 30 data sets and has onboard file management and a data viewer for stored information. 

2012 – Gold Series analog/network combination card option that allows simultaneous analog outputs and RS-485 differential bus/line transceiver outputs designed to integrate with various network protocols. 

2012 – EBTRON continues to expand and successfully finishes the construction of a newly built sales office building. 

2013 – First West Coast Bring-a-Guest (BAG) event in Park City, Utah, offering onsite seminars, excursions, dinner, and golf.  

2014 – EBTRON releases the GTx108 for accurate and repeatable airflow measurement in fan arrays. It supports up to 8 fans! Individual fan airflow rates and fan alarming are available with combination analog output/network models.

2015 – CENSus-C100 occupancy counter, a unique solution for reliable and cost-effective occupancy counting. The counter is for single-width interior doors or openings. Installing multiple counters can be helpful if a room has multiple entry points and is beneficial for Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) purposes. 

2015 – EBTRON releases EB-Flow application-specific AMDs  

2015 – Release of Servaire, a rack mount bidirectional airflow measurement device, can detect minimal pressure differentials (as low as 0.0002″ H₂0) across containment zones by measuring the airflow bleed across a false server. The device also includes temperature measurements for the bleed airflow path. 

2015 – Reports on independent salt and acid tests were released. 

2017 – Bluetooth for Android and iOS devices on all Gold Series units  

2019 – A new transmitter called GTx116e was released to measure weighted humidity, enthalpy, and dewpoint. 

2019 – Gold Series Barometric Sensor and Relative Humidity Sensor Option 2019 – EBTRON completes new SMT assembly building  

2020 – EBTRON implements in-house SMT assembly  

2022 –Service and sales training events “EB-Zone” and offers training all year within its suite at the Bank of America Stadium (Carolina Panthers Stadium). 

202340th Anniversary! 

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