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Stay informed about the latest developments, innovations, and insights in airflow measurement technology within the EBTRON newsroom. Our company offers an array of news articles, advertisements, webinars, and press releases that showcase our pioneering solutions, industry partnerships, and contributions to advancements in indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and sustainable building practices. By exploring our updates, you can gain valuable knowledge, discover our achievements, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving HVAC landscape.

AI, Controls, and the Future of Technology in HVAC

EBTRON participated in a panel discussion on the role of control technology and AI in HVAC and building management, both currently and in the future. People are concerned that AI will replace human jobs, but it’s essential to understand that AI is a tool to support humans with expertise in building management. The human element is still necessary. Listen now to the discussions on AI and the future of HVAC.

Ventilation for Health and ASHRAE 241 Standard

Darryl DeAngelis of EBTRON spoke at Tristate on healthy building ventilation based on ASHRAE Standard 241-2023. He emphasized the need for measuring airflow in complex HVAC systems and explained the false dichotomy between lowering ventilation and energy efficiency. Finally, he discussed the importance of validating designs for optimal performance.


Beyond providing world-class medical care, Claremore Indian Hospital (CIH) prioritizes energy efficiency and building performance. Discover how precision airflow management is pivotal in reducing the spread of healthcare-associated infectious (HAI) diseases and enhancing IAQ. 

Exploring Integration Opportunities with Airflow Measurement Stations

Published: BACnet Journal Article on how airflow measurement stations with BACnet protocols provide data integration and operational transparency.

CxEnergy 2023: Using Co2 Sensors for Indoor Air Quality and Energy Savings

CxEnergy presentation that addresses recent publications and facts about using CO2 related to ventilation.

Wildfires Have Increased Advocacy for Better Indoor Air Quality and Building Codes

Many individuals seek guidance on indoor air quality after the recent wildfires. A plan to ensure proper ventilation and indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial. ASHRAE has established stringent guidelines requiring air filtration and airflow regulation through pressurization.

Make Buildings Healthy

A New Approach to Healthy Buildings! ASHRAE Standard 241 was released. The guide to creating infection-resilient buildings! Learn how this standard empowers designers, engineers, and building owners to make informed decisions.

The Critical Need for Airflow Measurement

Published: ASHRAE Journal online

EBTRON Serves on the ASHB Board of Directors

Press release has been published in multiple locations. If you want to read the press release, please click on the “Learn More” button below.

EBTRON Receives Patent from Canada

Patent 3169641 Summary

EBTRON Named to the CABA Board of Directors

EBTRON is an active CABA member company and collaborated on a market study of Healthy Buildings and Indoor Environmental Quality.

CO2 -Based Demand Control Ventilation. Do Risks Outweigh Potential Rewards?

Published in High Performance Buildings magazine.

Reduction of Errors in Ventilation Rate Determinations

Published in ASHRAE Journal.

Evaluating Airflow-Measuring Devices

Published in HPAC Engineering magazine.

Outside Air Measurements

Published in Consulting-Specifying Engineer publication.

Single-Zone, CO2-Based Demand-Controlled Ventilation

Published in HPAC Engineering magazine.

Step By Step Implementation of Ethernet and TCP-IP Protocols on Embedded Systems (Part 1)

Published in Computers in Education Journal.

CO2 Based Demand Control Ventilation

Published in ASHRAE Journal.

Step By Step Implementation of Ethernet and TCP-IP Protocols on Embedded Systems (Part 2)

Published in Computers in Education Journal.

EBTRON Develops & Miniature Web Server

Published in the NEWS publication.

Productivity and Health

Published online on Automated Buildings site.

AHR Expo Innovation Award

Honorable Award received for EBTRON SCN202-T BACnet VAV Terminal Controller.


Award received for Step by Step Implementation of Ethernet and TCP-IP Protocols on an Embedded System.

AHR Expo Innovation Award

Honorable Award received for EBTRON GTN-116 Transmitter.

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