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Thermal comfort, including temperature and humidity control, plus adequate ventilation provide an environment that promotes learning. In addition, sufficient outdoor air is required to achieve acceptable indoor air quality (IAQ) to dilute the contaminants that can adversely affect the health and productivity of the student. Poor IAQ has been linked to an increased incidence of asthma and other respiratory illnesses. To minimize energy costs and ensure student health and productivity, EBTRON® recommends measuring outdoor air serving the school.


Elementary school classrooms have stable populations throughout the day, while middle and high school classroom population’s change. Some rooms are utilized for extracurricular activities or by the community outside of normal school hours, and present ventilation control issues that can be overcome with a manual override timer. EBTRON has found that many spaces in K-12 schools can be ventilated based on design occupancy with an on-off schedule and manual overrides to provide ventilation air as required by the mechanical code. Additional energy savings can be found using EBTRON CENSus® occupancy counters, possibly combined with lighting controls to modulate the quantity of ventilation air and still meet code required flow rates while saving money from reduced energy usage. Spaces that currently use demand control ventilation with CO2 can have better ventilation control when EBTRON airflow measuring stations are incorporated into the control strategy.


High volume spaces need the flexibility to handle design maximum population during specific as well as small groups or classes using these spaces. EBTRON recommends the combination of airflow measurement and CO2 inputs to provide the best mix of efficiency and capacity control. Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, and other high capacity spaces making application of EBTRON CENSus occupancy counters a great solution to save energy and maintain ventilation air.


Locker Rooms and ancillary rooms to the Gym have a long reputation for generating odors and retaining moisture. EBTRON Airflow measurement and control is essential not only for ventilating the occupants and helping to dry these spaces, but also for pressurization to isolate any odors from the rest of the school and exhaust them.


Science rooms are typically treated as normal rooms due to the limitations on school funding for better airflow controls. Some may have recirculating fume hoods, but few allow for chemical or biological materials that would present a major threat to student health. Storage spaces specific to these spaces should be considered in the ventilation system plans. Maintaining negative pressure for the lab and storage is a wonderful application of the EBTRON (EB-Flow) Bi-directional Airflow and Temperature Measurement sensor.

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