Packaged Airflow Measurement & Damper Solution
AIR-IQ1 System
Packaged Airflow Measurement & Damper Solution

The TAMCO/EBTRON AIR-IQ package combines EBTRON’s Gold Series GTx116e-P high-performance airflow measurement technology with any TAMCO Series damper, providing unprecedented flexibility in airflow control. Whether the application is intake, exhaust, severe cold, or salt spray, there is a TAMCO/EBTRON AIR-IQ solution.

  • Thermal Dispersion Technology
  • High sensor density
  • NIST‐traceable calibration
  • 0 to 5,000 fpm range
  • 2% of reading sensor airflow accuracy
  • Temperature Output capability
  • Combination Analog/Network Models
  • 2 Mounting Styles
  • Remote Transmitter with LCD Display
  • 3‐year Warranty

Typical Applications

  • Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring
  • Differential Airflow Tracking
  • Hospital Pressurization
  • Laboratory Pressurization
  • Air Change Verification
  • Air Change Monitoring
  • System Performance Monitoring


  • Comply with ASHRAE Standards
  • Demonstrate Code Compliance
  • Satisfy LEED Prerequisites and Credits
  • Provide acceptable IAQ
  • Save Energy
  • Reduce Liability
  • Improve Performance

Product Highlights

  • Best Installed Accuracy
  • Low Airflow Capability
  • Long‐term Stability
  • Unsurpassed Quality and Superior Design
  • “Plug and Play” Operation
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Waterproof Sensor Assembly
  • FEP Plenum Rated Cables
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