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Bring-A-Guest seminar is held in March, May, September, or October in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, focuses on solutions to improve building performance. You will learn the benefits of airflow measurement for IAQ and code compliance and get hands-on experience from industry leaders with over 40 years of experience. The event offers network opportunities with other Facility Managers, Energy Managers, Control Contractors, TAB & Cx professionals, Consulting Engineers, and other owner representatives. (An optional golf outing is on Thursday morning.)

Unable to attend? We offer free webinars, white papers/articles, and short courses that can be accessed on-demand.

On-Demand Webinars

CO2 and IAQ: What’s it all about?
This webinar presentation will discuss the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and air quality and expose the risks and uncertainties of relying on CO2 levels as a single indicator of Indoor Air Quality. It also discusses methods to improve CO2 ventilation control and improve HVAC system performance and energy optimization while optimizing occupant health and well-being. > Watch Now

IAQ Fundamentals and Why Outdoor Airflow Rates Need to be Monitored and Controlled
This session covers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the sources of indoor contaminants, including airborne infectious diseases. It addresses fundamental concepts in contaminant level management and the role of outdoor air ventilation. It also addresses the factors that influence outdoor air intake flow rates that point towards the logical conclusion that continuous monitoring and control of outdoor air intake flow rates is required in all systems. > Watch Now

Using CO2 Sensors For Indoor Air Quality And Energy Savings
CO2 has been used for over 30 years to measure indoor air quality and for energy-saving strategies through demand control ventilation. However, there is a need to better understand its application in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 62.1. This presentation covers recent publications and facts about using CO2 for ventilation. > Watch Now

Short Courses
These short courses are perfect for those who want to achieve and understand acceptable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The courses cover industry standards, codes, rating systems, and the primary means to achieve acceptable IAQ, including contaminant level maintenance, outdoor air intake for contaminant dilution, and filtration for contaminant removal. >Access Short Courses

Articles & White Papers

Explore our comprehensive collection of white papers and articles unlocking invaluable insights and expertise on indoor air quality. Elevate your understanding and discover the key factors shaping healthier environments.

Solutions to Improve Building Performance

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