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Join our team of industry experts to learn about the latest airflow measurement technology and IAQ strategies. Our innovative events and webinars allow you to stay competitive in various industries, such as healthcare, education, data centers, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, event centers, restaurants, and hotels. You can attend these sessions in person or online and gain first-hand experience utilizing world-leading airflow measurement systems.

Upcoming Webinars

IAQ Fundamentals and Why Outdoor Airflow Rates Need to be Monitored and Controlled
Thursday, October 26 at 2:00 PM ET

This session will cover Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the sources of indoor contaminants, including airborne infectious diseases. It addresses fundamental concepts in contaminant level management and the role of outdoor air ventilation. It also addresses the factors that influence outdoor air intake flow rates that point towards the logical conclusion that continuous monitoring and control of outdoor air intake flow rates is required in all systems.  Register Now

Available through EBTRON's Local Representative Only

Consult your local representative for details.

Bring-A-Guest (BAG) Events

  • Myrtle BAG #1: March 6 – 9th
  • Myrtle BAG #2: May 1 – 4th
  • Park City BAG June 6 – 8th
  • Myrtle BAG #3: September 11 – 14th
  • Myrtle BAG #4: October 23 – 26th

Seminars & Football Games

Seminar: Making Buildings Safer After COVID-19
Join us for a comprehensive two-hour airflow measurement for monitoring and control seminar. We will cover Code and Standard Compliance, Control Strategies, Save Energy, Facilitate IRMM Switchover, and provide an overview of the EBTRON measurement solutions.
Seminar & Football Schedule (by Rep invite only)

  • 10/1/23 Panthers vs. Vikings
  • 10/29/23 Panthers vs. Texans
  • 11/5/23 Panthers vs. Colts (4:05 PM)
  • 11/19/23 Panthers vs. Cowboys
  • 12/2/23 A.C.C. Championship (Time T.B.D.)
  • 12/17/23* Panthers vs. Falcons
  • 12/24/23 Panthers vs. Green Bay
  • 1/7/24* Panthers vs. Buccaneers 
EBTRON Box Suite - HVAC Seminar & Event
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